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The Target Retrieval System 
 Innovative, Wireless, Battery Powered 
The TargetWorx Target Retrieval System opens a new chapter in target retrieval systems.  The days of using cables and electric bus bars are coming to an end. 
  • Eliminates faulty drive cables or electric bus bars along the track. 
  • Our heavy duty steel I beam track is just that - an I beam. 
  • Our 6" tall I beam track has flanges that are 1/4" thick with a 3/16" thick web. 
  • 90% of all problems associated with cable and bus bar target systems are eliminated.
What makes this possible is the carrier, which houses onboard: 
  • The Lithium-Ion power supply for 30 hours of continuous range use. 
  • The electronics to control the carrier, communicate with the booth and master control, and electronics to charge the battery. 
Sensors monitor the carrier's location as well as the target holders location for edge/face functions. 
  • All of the sensors on-board have no moving parts and use infrared light for a long service life. 
  • Cost more than mechanical sensors but well worth the cost when considering range down time. 
  • Use of these sensors eliminates the need for adjustments - no longer a need to "calibrate" a rail due to worn sensors, wheels, or stretched cables. 
  • When you send a target to 50 feet, it's at 50 feet, exactly.  In addition, when you send all of the targets to 50 feet, they are all at 50 feet, exactly.  Accuracy is consistently less than one inch and usually less than 1/2 inch.
 Made to Last in the USA 

From the sensors to the wheels to the drive motors, only the best parts available are used.  As is the case with almost all our parts our drive and turning motors are made in the USA and are of the highest quality.  While they cost ten times more than cheap imports, they are expected to last the lifetime of the carrier.

Most target systems use the same age old design for the target backer holder.  This design has a basic design flaw.  It's exposed to bullets!  While they are usually armored, they can only take so many hits before becoming useless.  One of the early design criteria was to design a new target holder that would virtually eliminate target holder failure.  Our new design solves that problem while making inserting and removing cardboard easier.  It's hidden behind the front armor and does not require one to touch or grab it to insert or remove the cardboard.  Our design also allows for the adaptation of custom target holders as needed by certain applications.

The electronics on board were designed and programmed in house.  They are durable and field upgradable.

 User Friendly 

The user interface is the latest technology from an industry leader in human machine interfaces. (HMI)  They use the latest LCD LED backlight technology as well as a 7" widescreen. 

Like many other aspects of target systems to date, the user interfaces were lacking in ease of use.  A shooter was either faced with a collage of buttons or a few "function keys" that required a separate "cheat sheet" to decipher the commands.  Our user interface incorporates neither of those annoyances.  In fact the only thing a shooter needs to know when operating our system is that it's a touch screen.  With that knowledge anyone can figure out how to send a target down range or set up a timing function in less than a minute.  It has been well thought out, extremely intuitive and last but not least, upgradable with software updates as new features arise.

A master control unit also utilizes a touch-screen user interface.  It uses the same 7" widescreen as the booth controller.  Simple, intuitive screens guide the user into selecting which targets to control.  After target selection the user sees the same familiar main screen from the booth controllers.  In addition, custom "agency" screens can be developed with pre-programmed face times for faster runs through qualification relays.  Of course, as with the booth user interfaces, the master user interface is software driven so future upgrades or new features can be added. 

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